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Project Dudziak

In vivo antigen charging of Dendritic Cells


Prof. Dr. Diana Dudziak, FAU Erlangen


Project Haas

Functional genomics of herpes viruses:
Identification of pathogen-specific events by systems biology-based approaches

Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Jürgen Haas, LMU Munich


Project Kerkhoff

Regulatory networks of intracellular membrane modulation
Signal networks of the Spir actin nucleation factors and of RasGEFs very-KIND

Prof. Dr. Eugen Kerkhoff, University of Regensburg


Project Klein

Functional genomics and therapy of early-disseminated tumour cells:
a novel approach to the prevention of metastasis

Prof. Dr. Christoph Klein, Universityclinic of Regensburg


Project Längst

Chromatin remodeling complexes :
Regulation of the Genome activity by Nucleosomal Switches and Epigenetic drug targets

Prof. Dr. Gernot Längst, University of Regensburg


Project Meister

Experimental characterization of microRNA-Interactionnetworks

Prof. Dr. Gunter Meister, University of Regensburg


Projekt Muntau

Genetic protein folding defects:
development of pharmacotherapeutic strategies

Prof. Dr. Ania C. Muntau, LMU Munich


Projekt Nimmerjahn

Antibody mediated effector function and control mechanisms for B-cell tolerance in the humanised mouse

Prof. Dr. Falk Nimmerjahn, FAU Erlangen


Projekt Oefner

Functional genomics of degenerative, metabolic, and malignant diseases

Prof. Dr. Peter J. Oefner, University of Regensburg


Project Spang

Modelling signal transduction networks and their impaired function in malignant tumours

Prof. Dr. Rainer Spang, University of Regensburg