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Entelechon GmbH

Entelechon GmbH
St. Veit-Weg 2
93051 Regensburg
DeutschlandTel.: +49 941 9468 360
Fax.: +49 941 9468 366

Profile of Entelechon GmbH

The company Entelechon GmbH was founded in 1999 and is located in Regensburg. The firm supplies customer specific gene synthesis in its main field of expertise. As a further area, Entelechon offers bio-informatics and molecular biological services, DNA analysis and protein expression. Entelechon itself develops software, which amongst other achievements developed an application to optimize DNA-Sequences for protein expression called Leto. Entelechon also developed an expression system based upon the single celled green algae chlamydomonas reinhartii in a research project funded by BioChance, which proves to be superior to the standard pro- and eucaryontic systems. In cooperation with scientists at the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester, Entelechon also developed a new process for protein quantification, OconCAT, that allows the simultaneous and quantitative detection of a large amount of proteins using mass spectroscopy.