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11. Workshop "Cell Biology of Viral Infections 2012'"


This workshop is aimed to bring cell biologists and virologists closer together and to enhance exchange and discussions between them. Located in the beautiful surrounding of the Pfalz, in one of the best wine regions of Germany, this workshop provides a perfect environment for researchers at all levels of their career to engage in this excellent topic.

The framework of the workshop are 4 keynote lectures from experts in the field of cell biology:

Gernot Laengst (University of Regensburg)
From local to global chromatin structures - Regulation by chromatin remodeling enzymes and non-coding RNA

M. Christina Cardoso (Technical University of Darmstadt)
DNA replication and repair: a 4D matter

Peter Hemmerich (Leipniz Institut for Age Research FLI, Jena)
Assessing protein dynamics in the nucleus: new clues on genome function

Prof. Harald zur Hausen
– Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2008 -


For more information, please visit:


PD Dr. Susanne Bailer
Harry Wodrich